Tuller Hill is a DEC Region 7 State Forest in the Town of Virgil, containing a trail system of approximately 13 miles, approved for equestrians and hiking. The trails have not been maintained for several years, and were difficult to impassable.

  NYSPWHC volunteers and friends undertook trail cleanup starting in May 2007 using the DEC's Adopt-a-Natural Resource Stewardship Program. Under this program, we signed a contract with DEC to perform stated volunter maintenance to the DEC resource (Tuller Hill Site #10).
2019 -  The Friends of Tuller Hill took over interface with the DEC and trail maintenance. 

2013 Activities
  First work day of the season was postponed due to snow, so first workday was May 11. 
Major blow down on The lower blue trails.  Got 1/2 cleared and realized the rest would take days.  Awaiting DEC's decision on re-route or calling in loggers.  

2012 Activities
  First work day of the season held May 12.  Moved and tamped down club purchased gravel at the new kisok provided by the DEC.
Put in a culvert on B1, again a lot of gravel transported in.
Several people came to work on the above activities and walking or 4-wheeling the trails to open from the winter debris.  

2011 Activities
  First work day of the season held May 14.  15 people cleared several trails of winter debris

2010 Activities
  Obtained permission to use ski trails on Site #9 of Tuller Hill increasing trails to 25 miles
Culvert put in by Town of Virgil for access to Site #9 from parking area
  May 15, first work day, a few people covered all red trails clearing winter downage and opened the new access trail to Site #10
June 26 we had six people working 3.5 hours and cleared the middle section of B1 trail - that trail is now completely done
  A tie rail has been added to the parking area
July 17 - B6 trail was completed - all trails are now open and marked. The area around the tie rail was also cleared. We had a great turn-out of workers.
  August 21 -Started work assisting snowmobile steward on Lot 9
2009 Activities
  Maintained trails cleared the last few years
Cleared a few new trails - red & yellow done; blue has a couple major clearing jobs scheduled for 2010
First work day of the season yielded the most number of workers yet - including several non-horse people
Additional funding received to do a significant wet-area rework - completed 9/2009
DEC provided new map and trail designation
New trail marking system put in place and trails remarked
DEC put up a mailbox in the parking area for maps
Temporary parking sign made by us

2008 Activities
  Trail head parking completed in July
Work days held as weather permitted, about 1/2 way through trail system clearing, still have to do marking
New small trail from trail head to creek and system completed2007 Activities
3 volunteers took and passed the required Chain Saw certification course
6 volunteers obtained or renewed their CPR to fulfill the requirement of having at least one qualified person at a work session
4 work days were held with a total of 96 work hours completed.
A GPS map was redone showing what has been completed and what needs to be completed
Contractor obtained for creating the trailhead
Awarded a portion of the NYSHC coordinated Trail Improvement Grant to create a trailhead
2006 Activities
 Began meetings with DEC and the Town of Virgil to discuss Adopt-A-Resource activities
Prepared plans and completed appropriate forms
Submitted request for a grant from the NYSHC to provide a trailhead

Tuller Hill Trail Work History